Vrijwilligerswerk | Sumatra

This company is a nonprofit organization that supplies a free education for children whom otherwise couldn’t afford this. Besides that it also helps increasing the rural people’s lives.

This company gives a chance for people to contribute towards increasing the people’s life quality. Their goal is to build a harmonious environment by increasing the level of education, medical care while also perserving the local culture. Furthermore, Sumatra volunteer is built without interference of the government, political institutions or any religious organization.

Lastly, this company tries to connect and unite local volunteers with international volunteers.

Description of the internship and associated tasks

This company is currently running their program with the assistance of local volunteers and would like to invite foreign students to help them growing. This means that they are looking for adventurous business/entrepreneurial students who are able to live and work in Sumatra’s outback environment.

In West-Sumatra there are not many tourists, volunteers or students. Therefore, this company is looking for someone who has experience in Indonesia and knows about their culture. You will work together with the local founder of this program and you will be living in Batusangkar, West-Sumatra.

Your main assignment will be to help this organization grow and make sure there will be new volunteers starting in January 2018.

West-Sumatra is a little bit isolated and the most important thing is that you can live on your own in a developing country. So you need to adapt to their climate and living conditions.

Are you creative and willing to start a new organization together with a lot of freedom in a beautiful environment? Did you live on your own before in a developing country? If you are the right person then we will set up a Skype meeting as soon as possible.