Internship place

The perfect internship! We will make sure your dream internship meets the requirements of your university. Please give us the exact requirements from your university once you contact us.

Airport Pickup

After a long flight we will be waiting at the airport to pick you up and bring you to the accommodation!

24/7 Service

We are 24/7 available in case of any questions or problems and will help you whenever needed.


We have several accommodations available all over Bali. Together we will make sure you will stay at an accommodation that matches your wishes and off course your budget.


We will make sure you can rent a safe motorbike if you wish.

Applying for the visa***

Applying for the correct visa have to be done through official authorities and with the right documents. We will make sure you will get the right documents to apply for the correct visa. During your stay in Bali we will also assist you with extending your visa in the correct way.

Welcome Packet

Once you arrived in Bali we will immediately give you a nice welcome packet. The welcome packet contains funny attributes, important documents and a local sim-card.


We will give you information about the local culture and people in the area where you stay. Besides that we can for example introduce you to local sportclubs, show you the best local street food and help you with socializing in the local community.

* The costs of our intermediation are inclusive of VAT.

** The costs of accommodation and transport hire are own expenses.

*** The costs of applying for a visa are own expenses.